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Making Memories That Last

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

I started creating pet portraits when I drew and painted my own fur babies, a series of feline rescues that my family had over the years. I am so happy that I have a few paintings of my past cats, as the photos I may have taken of them are all hidden away in photo albums, but my paintings hang in my house to be seen every day.

When I decided to try an art pop-up booth, I knew I needed to have something unique and also something small enough that a client could easily carry it home. I also needed to hit a moderate price point because pop-up markets are usually impulse buys.

That's when my small 6" 6" birch board panel series began. Size is right, price is right, and the size is almost life-size which is really cute and engaging.

My clients can put their painting to use right away, no need to wait for a frame. These can even sit on a shelf! They are a sturdy block, varnished and archival. They will last forever.

For my booth products, I researched several popular cats and dogs and made a quick series of images with acrylic paint on this unique surface. I also did a bunch of North Carolina Native birds on 5"x 5" panels- that's another story...The pets were an instant hit with passersby. Everyone sees an animal they know or knew in these friendly pet faces. This often leads to pet portrait commissions. One of my absolute favorite things to do.

As an animal lover I enjoy the stories we all tell about our favorite fur babies. And I enjoy capturing the likeness of an animal. As I like to say, "It's all in the eyes". .. and the mouth and the fur ... But it is the expression and shape of the eyes that are key to that connection we feel with our pets.

When I give a painting of a beloved dog or cat (or even a guinea pig) to a client, to see their faces light up, is the best. Or even better, is when they later tell me of the painting being a gift and how it brought tears to a friend's eyes. What better way to enjoy what you do than to bring that kind of joy to someone? I can't think of one.

These paintings will be there, when their pet no longer is. Unlike a photo, stuffed in a drawer, or tucked in an album somewhere, these pet portraits can bring joy every day.

My pet portraits are the perfect size to capture a loved pets face, at almost life-size. At my pop-up booth (Lindsey's Fine Art) I display paintings done on spec, which paople can purchase if they remind them of a pet. In fact a woman recently purchased two black cat paintings that I had done for Halloween last year. I almost didn't hang them. She siad I had exactly captured her two black kitties. It made my day!

I enjoy creating that feeling for my clients. When they tell me the stories of their pets, be they a new puppy, an old friend, or a recently departed animal, I try to capture their pet's spirit. That image will be their daily reminder of that loved family member.

Needless to say, I take painting these pet portraits very seriously.

If you would like to commission a pet portrait I have several options:

All are painted using acrylic paint with gel medium. All are at least 1-1/2 " deep and all four sides are finished so that the design wraps the canvas. No need for framing. All are varnished and wired for hanging.

Birch Board Panels

6 " x 6" x 1-1/2". $90

8" x 8" x 1/1/2" $150

Gallery Wrapped Cotton Canvas

12" x 12" x 1/12'. $275

16" x 16" $500

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