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Stretching My Limits

This week was one for expanding my limits and learning new things.

My art typically involves drawing or painting things I can see. Whether that is drawing from life outdoors or in the studio, or referencing a photo that I have taken. I take the photo with the intention it will one day be a drawing or painting, the photo is not an end itself.

For the last 2 weeks I have been collaborating with another Raleigh-based artist, my friend, Tina Marcus. I have never collaborated on a joint artist venture before this.

To top that off we are working together on a proposal for not one but 4 separate walls, divided into 2 projects for a development in a nearby town. Tina had seen the call for a mural proposal and had already previously spoken to me about somehow working together.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to give that a try.

Together we came up with a concept that compliments both of our work styles, and answers the call for public art that will engage the public in a brand- new space. Thinking outside the box to create art that people will want to include in their "selfies" with friends when they visit this retail, office and performance space. We had to plan not only the art itself, but then how it would be executed on a large scale. How the installation will proceed, with a calendar of steps, and how we will transfer our paintings to the wall, and capture the colors we have sampled in the proposal.

I can say with pride, that we completed a two-project proposal by the deadline of this past Friday at midnight, with time to spare. Each proposal numbered more than 22 pages, with examples of recent work and diagrams of the work we would do.

Then to conclude this week of trying things outside my comfort zone, I joined my friends with the Fine Arts League of Cary, and participated in a "paint out" or plein air painting day. Along with twenty other artists we each decided to take our painting work outside, and I chose the Bond Park Boathouse, by the lake. And what a gorgeous day it turned out to be.

I can't say my painting was a total success, but this was a first attempt after all.

Today, Sunday I went outside again and tried my hand at a small watercolor painting of

Symphony Lake beside Koka Booth Amphitheatre. It was another gorgeous day and I was glad to be able to have the time to enjoy it.

I hope to continue my outdoor art adventures even though the weather is turning cooler. Our afternoons and many parks will provide plenty of inspiration.

As I continue to stretch my limits in new ways, even while staying socially distant and in my own little bubble. This time , for me, has been an excellent time to lean into my art and grow. I am truly thankful for that.

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