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Print created from my original watercolor painting of this iconic former fraternity house in New Brunswick, New Jersy.  The Frat housed students of Rutgers University who had a penchant for Ultimate Frisbee and palying guitar and had a notorius tap in the basement. Failing to pay taxes resulted int eh house being foreclosed and ultimately torn down, and a new apartment house sits at 79-81 Easton Avenue today.


These prints have proved very popular with alumni of the fraternity. If you know someone who would liek their copy, I will ahve to print a new run, and the turn around is just 10 days. I can ship directly from the printer to you, but if you want them signed, add a few days more.


They are printed on 100% cooton paper nad are archival. The image is 9" x 12". Printed with a 1/4" border all around, and an extra 1/2" when I s ign them.

ADE Fraternity House, Easton Ave, Rutgers University- Print - 9" x 12"

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