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Gaining Skills With iMovie

I have been a timid videographer. Somehow the whole process seems deep and dark and mysterious. All these clips and trying to cut out the bullshit and distill something to its essence.

Needless to say, I have had time during our pandemic to try my hand at leading groups and meetings in Zoom, but also to experiment with my iPhone 8 as a video camera tool, something my husband Hal does literally every day. But mostly I was intimidated by iMovie, the app that comes will literally ALL Apple computers because they just give you a cool video editing tool FREE. That's Apple for you.

I watched a few YouTube videos on editing and just never got around to it, until this weekend. Prior to that, I was using a phone app called Videoshop, which is pretty good but very basic. And best used for only patching together a few short clips.

This weekend I set up a painting project to paint an iconic fountain in my hometown of Cary, NC. This fountain is a really popular place in Cary and even during 2020 has continued to draw people to sit in the tranquil city park that surrounds it.

I videotaped an introduction, and then snippets of the planning and painting itself, as I guide the viewer to see how the piece is made.

Sunday night I put the edit together. Mind you this is only the first video I have made with iMovie. Prior to that I have attempted it, and just been frustrated by the simplest things, like where to get the photos and video clips into the library in iMovie.

I hope you enjoy watching it.

I would love to hear your feedback.

Thank you for reading and visiting my website. Don't forget to browse my shop here online, or on my Instagram and Facebook pages both @lindseysfineart.

Til next time!

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